Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Nano Mode on the Orion Pulse

The Orion Pulse 200i will accomplish your welds easily and efficiently.


The welds performed with the Orion Pulse were done in the nano mode due to the small wire diameters.

Jump Rings

The Orion Pulse Arc Welders are Micro TIG or Pulsed-Arc Welders that create quick and precise spot welds. In this video we are welding titanium jump rings.


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Weld Stainless Steel Channels Together

Finding an efficient way to weld stainless steel channels together can be a challenge. Sunstone Engineering provides solutions to such challenges. Here are two examples, the first is done with the CD1000DPM2 and the second is done with the Orion PA800.


The welds above were made with the CD1000DPM2 set at 1000ws energy and ~55lbF pressure. The weld spots are also strong and located on the interior of the channels. Welds made using a resistance welder are quick and easy to set up.


These welds were performed using the Orion PA800 set at 90% power and 100% length. A slightly larger electrode could be used for faster welds. The welds are strong and do not protrude past the edges of the part.

The Orion PA800 pulse arc welder and the CD1000DPM2 are both able to quickly and easily weld SS Channels together. With the PA800 the weld spots are recessed and smooth for a nice look without having to grind the weld. The CD1000DPM2 is able to place the spots away from the edges. In a high production type of environment the CD1000DPM2 may have advantages due to the ease of weld placement. However, either system would prove to be a viable solution for this application.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Welding Solid Wire to Stranded Wire

Welding wires can come in handy for many applications. Welding solid wire to stranded wire is a feat that can sometimes be more difficult. However, the Orion pulse 250i is the perfect tool for this application.


This innovative welder uses pulse arc technology to mend the solid wire to the stranded wire. Jobs like this are done simply and effectively with this awesome machine.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Repair Glasses with the Orion Pulse 250i

Performing eyeglass repairs with the Orion Pulse 250i is a simple process due to the level of precision settings available and the weld agitation feature used for good penetration. Welding with the Orion Pulse leaves your weld spots durable and clean.


Silver wire is welded to both of the broken frame pieces in order to promote bonding at the weld joint. The Orion Pulse 250i is set at 12ws energy with sloped agitation.

The resulting welds are smooth and strong due to the incorporation of the silver wire into the weld.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Welding Stainless Steel Mesh to a Stainless Steel Cylinder

The CD100SPM resistance welder and WH1125A opposed weld head, shown in this video, weld stainless mesh to a stainless cylinder without any troubles.


The welds made by CD100SPM were at 25ws of energy. The WH1125A opposed weld head was set to ~3lbF on the electrode.

The mesh is overlapped at the lateral seam. As seen in the video, the outside welds are performed first, followed by the seam to finish the assembly. The weld spots along the edges were made alternating from left side to right side to keep the mesh aligned and correctly placed.